Merchandise Based Businesses

Whether your operation is Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution or Wholesale in nature, improving performance in your warehouse or stores area should be a top priority. How do you improve performance? Improve efficiency and productivity. How do you improve efficiency and productivity? Implement an effective warehouse management system.  The BlueBox Inventory module can assist you to pinpoint where every item of stock resides. Be an item sitting in a highlevel bin in your warehouse or even with your customer, BlueBox inventory will track it. Through serialisation the inventory module will allow you to easily identify, swop out and trace parts. Stock flow is preconfigured in the system with bin levels prompting stock movement throughout your organisation with the help of BlueBox's Pick Pack Dashboard. Your buyers can rely on the minimum and reorder bin settings to procure the right stock at the appropriate time. 

Key features of our Inventory Module are:  Live stock control, warehouse management and reporting. Multi site and business unit. Multiple stores and bins. Pick & pack slips. GRNs and delivery notes. Auto routing of stock. Minimum, maxuimum and reorder levels. Stocktake. Unlimited inventory items. Serial numbering. Pricing Control. Stock returns.