Our Service Model

The BlueBox system is modular, meaning that you can pick and choose the level of solution you want and lease the software modules you require on a month to month basis.

System Evaluation
We offer a free, full, no-obligation demo of our software to enable you to test our software before you pay for it Please note that we do not offer support for free demos. Should you require support during evaluation we also offer a fully supported, dedicated, pay-for evaluation of our software to enable you to properly explore our software with e-mail, telephonic and ticket support at your disposal. Sign up and test to your hearts content.

Module Payment
Once you have made up your mind, simply decide which modules you would like to use and pay for your first months use of the system via credit card. At this point BlueBox will contact you and assist you with the process of setting up your system, providing you with what you need to take on data, users and permissions and assisting you with setting up any templates you require to ready you for go-live.

Custom Development
Unlike many SaaS offerings, BlueBox offers a genuine made-to-fit solution. If you require any custom development for your system this will be quoted for at an hourly rate.

The BlueBox support team are available to assist customers via e-mail and phone, as well as offering the ability for you to log support tickets via the system backend. Support is free to all customers leasing any BlueBox modules. Should you not be a current BlueBox customer and wish to obtain support (possibly with your BlueBox demo). We would however, encourage you to sign up for your own, full, dedicated system evaluation (all modules) for 1 month including full support for just US360 per month for the full BlueBox experience. Once you have an account, you too will have free telephonic and e-mail support, and access to logging support tickets.