Our History

Established almost twenty years ago as a web development business offering sophisticated websites with powerful backend functionality, BlueBox quickly identified the opportunities arising from the business world's growing need for instant availability and accessibility to meaningful and consolidated business information. The result was a business which soon graduated to providing full blown ERP and Business Intelligence solutions.

Our aim was to develop products which would provide the majority of businesses with the same level of sophisticated business system tools that bigger businesses had been benefiting from for years, and provide system developers with a platform on which to build and refine web based systems. This commenced with our BlueBox 1.0 product, branded "Intranext", which quickly stepped up to BlueBox 1.5. This vision was fully realised in the launch of BlueBox 2.0. and further refined in our most current BlueBox 3.0.

BlueBox Worldwide
Although BlueBox originally started in South Africa, our global Head Office was founded the United Kingdom in 2010 to channel BlueBox2.0, to the UK, EU and Global markets. In the past 5 years we have gained 12 new partners operating across the UK as well as many implementations for companies including Samsung, Microsoft, Cisco, Brother and Hewlett-Packard. Globally we have worked for SAB-Miller, Standard Bank, Old Mutual, Nedbank, 3M, Skype and numerous other companies.