Carers First

Carers FIRST in Kent & Medway are a dedicated carers centre providing a range of services to carers and their families in West Kent and Medway. A fundamental requirement of our contracts to deliver such services commissioned by Kent County Council, Medway Council and West Kent CCGs is to report on data specified by our funders.
We however from the beginning wanted to go further and have a database that not only gave basic data to our commissioners, but allowed us to link performance to inputs to outputs. Our Bluebox database has allowed us to construct exactly what we required.
This has been the best investment this charity has made. It has put us ‘ahead of the game’ and allowed us to present data in any form we want and run reports that answer all of our commissioners questions whatever they may be.
We like to describe our database as ‘state of the art’ and it is not overstating the truth to do so. I would recommend any organisation that is serious about outcomes and data analysis to approach Bluebox. Certainly the best decision we at Carers First made.