Accounting Firms

Given that BlueBox is a web based system, accountants and consultants benefit from having their clients systems online and remotely accessible round the clock. You are able to offer your clients a system which meets sales, inventory, procurement and accounting needs.  Best of all, it also means that you can securely collaborate with your customers, working remotely with them online, with access to their live data.

Of particular interest will be the Financial Accounting Module.  This module provides you with cashbook, the general ledger, balance sheet, trial balance, income statement and financial export functionality and can work with any currency and multiple tax types.The cashbooks management section allows you to see any cashbook entries that have been made and also allows you to add entries of your own. Any additional cashbooks that you may require can be setup in the cashbook management module. The general ledger allows you to list all financial accounts alongside there corresponding debits, credits, and balances.  Additional GL accounts can be setup using the general ledger management tool. To access the cashbook management section hover over the Finance link on the main menu and click on the Cashbooks link in the sub menu that appears. The financial exports dashboard allows you to easily export your cashbooks, journals and invoices according to specifics like the date range and accounts. This is a solid module that can work with any currency and multiple tax types.
Key features of our Financial Accounting Module are: Accounts Payable. Accounts Receivable. Live General Ledger. GL fully inegrated with rest of system. Balance Sheet. Cash books. Unlimted tax types, unlimited currencies. Advanced financial reporting.

The BlueBox ERP Sales Module provides the core for controlling sales within your business, offering the ability to see what sales staff are doing daily; even producing and tracking quotes and converted sales, by product, client (for accounts sales), salesman and region. The BlueBox offers real system solutions because we understand your business challenges and we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the tools to help you overcome your challenges! Some of the key functionality the Sales module offers: Quotes; Debtors days ratios and age analysis; Invoicing and Pro forma invoicing; Part Invoicing, Unlimited customers and customer categories; Debtors notes and creditors notes; Live sales reports; Full accounts recievable functionality; Sales Orders. Statements; Customer login to system; Despatch notes; Discount management; Payment; Customer service and call center management; Allows for sales representative and sales referrers; Pipeline and lead management;

The BlueBox system is a comprehensive procurement and price control system, with rigorous controls, comprehensive supplier file, buyers guide, buying budgets, MRP calculations, project buying, backorder management and stock replenishment. Regain control of the acquisition of goods and/or services in your business. Save time and money: The BlueBox system can help you purchase optimally and ensure that you order the right product, of the best quality, the right quantity, at the right time, for the right price and from the most reliable seller just by assessing previous buying trends stored within the BlueBox system. The best part of this is that the BlueBox can assist your buyer in doing all this automatically. Purchasing can be done manually but BlueBox's best practice is to allow the system to generate purchase orders automatically. The system will inform the buyer, inter alia, what he/she needs to purchase, the quantity and the quality so the buyer will not be buying more or less therefore saving you time and money. The BlueBox offers real system solutions because we understand your business challenges and we are uniquely positioned to provide you with the tools to help you overcome them. Key Features of our Procurement Module are: Purchase Order creation; Goods Received Notes; Partial order fulfilment; Payment Capture; Repeat Order MRP Procurement functionality; Stock returns management; Automatic stock replenishment; Automatic purchase order generation; Advanced supplier file management; Full accounts payable functionality; Order process management; Unlimited suppliers & supplier groups.

Improving performance in your warehouse or stores area should be a top priority. How do you improve performance? Improve efficiency and productivity. How do you improve efficiency and productivity? Implement an effective warehouse management system. The BlueBox Inventory module can assist you to pinpoint where every item of stock resides. Be an item sitting in a highlevel bin in your warehouse or even with your customer, BlueBox inventory will track it. Through serialisation the inventory module will allow you to easily identify, swop out and trace parts. Stock flow is preconfigured in the system with bin levels prompting stock movement throughout your organisation with the help of BlueBox's Pick Pack Dashboard. Your buyers can rely on the minimum and reorder bin settings to procure the right stock at the appropriate time.
Some of the key functionality the inventory module offers:
Live stock control; warehouse management and reporting; Multi site and business unit; Multiple stores and bins; Pick & pack slips; GRNs and delivery notes; Auto routing of stock; Minimum; maxuimum and reorder levels; Stocktake; Unlimited inventory items; Serial numbering; Pricing Control; Stock returns.

Manufacturing Lite:
Manufacturing forms part of the base ERP suit, and is a core module for any lite manufacturing business. Integrating seamlessly with the other BlueBox ERP modules, the manufacturing module is a feature packed suit of works order and BOM oriented tools. The BlueBox has and continues to put a lot of energy into creating the perfect SME manufacturing suit, fully embracing the philosophies of the Lean Manufacturer and allowing an organisation to maximise efficiency, reduce time wastage to a minimum and, probably most importantly, reduce inventory through using kanban, demand driven approach. Commitment to providing this type of solution works comfortably in conjunction with our provision of more traditional manufacturing solutions and custom solutions, where our broad experience in the business system world allows us to adapt our system through either configuration or customisation to customer needs. 
Key features of our Manufacturing Module are: Bills of Materials and Works Orders; Manufacturing Stages = Workstations = Production Lines; Kitting Pick Slips; Manufacture with Serialization; Build Ticket Records; Unlimted BOMs; Sub-Assembly manufacturing and nested and multilevel BOMs; Associated BOM images; Auto allocation of stock; Costing; Part Serial Number tracking; MRP; Direct and indirect cost allocation.